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We are glad to welcome You to the school of vocal art “RomanoXa”!

What is voice?


The voice is Your soul, Your character and Your attitude to life. To speak in a beautiful expressive voice is as pleasant as to dress fashionably and to greet at a meeting. Any issued sound is a recognition of the personality – the voice speaks about momentary mood, about deep sincere experiences, about character traits.


The voice is self-knowledge. Knowledge of your inner world, your voice apparatus. Spirituality is not words, but work on oneself.


The voice, like any musical instrument – violin, guitar, harp, piano – has strings (ligaments). And to play the instrument confidently – you need muscle training – tuning and daily exercises.

Art is that attractive environment to which for various reasons each of us aspires, as it is the Institute of education of expression of feelings.
Creativity as a way of self-realization creates a favorable environment for emancipation, self-expression, stress relief, inner freedom of a person.
Singing has a powerful emotional impact on the listeners and on the singer himself, and no musical instrument can compete with the voice – this wonderful gift of nature, which from childhood should be protected and properly educated. Singing, not only gives the singing pleasure, but also exercises and develops his hearing and respiratory system, which is associated with the cardiovascular system, therefore, he unwittingly, doing breathing exercises, strengthens his health.
Know yourself through the voice!

The earlier a person begins to engage in his voice, the faster he solves problems such as self-doubt.

You will have ease in communication, the voice will gain timbre, strength and confidence.

Regards, Roman V. and Oksana Gennadievna!
We are waiting for you!
See you soon!